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Moosric Outlook on Indian Elections
10:13 pm on Tue 5th May by TheMoosra
Mayawati and BSP to expand seat base massively in UP

Bihar to be split by RJD, JDU. Laloo's RJD to emerge with higher seat tally. RJD to support third front

Tamil Nadu- insignificant in long run, seats to be split either way but leader to join third front

Congress to increase seat share in andhra

BJD to sweep comprehensive victory in Orissa. BJD to join third front

Maharashtra to swing towards Shiv Sena and BJP in the aftermath of Mumbai attacks.MNS to be routed.

Biggest upset set for West Bengal. Congress party to gain seats, Communists to be butchered in the polls
(primarily driven by voter dissatisfaction over the handling of Tata's nano plant closure)

Modi to consolidate power in Gujrat, expand vote share while maintaining seat ratios.


Congress : To do better in Kerala, West Bengal

BJP : Consolidation of power bases. NDA to lose 10 seats

Third Front : To emerge with 110 seats, challenging the other two parties for power. 3-way split followed by a
coalition of Congress-Third Front, Manmohan to be ousted on wishes of third front.

Mayawati assumes PM role. Prophecies of Kali Yuga fulfilled, Indian business decays as Dalit quotas enforced in private sector. Educational institutions' reputation in tatters resulting from increased OBC + shedule caste quotas.

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