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by SS at 2:48 pm on Monday 14th September

10th September-
Thanks to The Moosra's family contacts, we met some truly fascinating people today and visited parts of Himachal Pradesh not usually open to tourists. One of these contacts is a high ranking officer at a local Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP) station and invited us for lunch.

He and his wife lead interesting lives. They mostly conversed with The Moosra in Hindi, some of which I managed to pick up. Conversation covered all sorts of topics, from the political system in England to the various species of animals that coexisted in India. His parents spoke a pure form of Hindi which I barely understood.

His wife mentioned in conversation that she had once acted as a Doctor for an expedition to Mt. Everest. One of the climbers who made it to the summit worked at a nearby mountaineering centre and we had the privilege to meet him. His main point was that while you can prepare physically as much as possible, you need the mental strength,(the mountain has to like you).

Before dinner we decided to take a drink at a cafe/restaurant called Lazy Dog. This was more akin to the lounges you see scattered around London, with comfy sofas, chilled out background music and pleasant mood lighting. In addition though, was a superb view of the nearby river. Further delights were to follow; The Moosra sipped mint tea whilst smoking blueberry shisha, I caught up on e-mails on the complementary wi-fi whilst enjoying a Carribean Hot Chocolate (key ingredient: rum).

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Anish wrote at 8:09 pm on Thu 17th Sep -
haha...love it!

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