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by SS at 10:28 am on Wednesday 2nd June

Just a quick note to say that I'll be on Nairobi's East FM tomorrow morning (Thursday 3rd June) between 8am and 10am local time, talking to presenter Aleem Manji about the trip. If you're in Nairobi, tune into 106.0 FM. If not, you can stream the channel over the internet here.

A good quality MP3 version of the second part (and majority) of the interview is now up here (4.79MB). An OGG Vorbis version is available here (3.27MB).

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Zand wrote at 7:06 am on Fri 4th Jun -
Are you still going to compile the list of tips etc andpost them here. Would be very interesting and helpful to those you have inspired with your blog.
SS wrote at 7:30 am on Fri 4th Jun -
Will do shortly.

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