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Wednesday 3rd May, 2006
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A bioengineer by training, yet a financier and politician at heart, The Moosra has an insatiable interest in Indian politics, Global Economics and particularly the Financial Markets. He hopes to be a politician at some point in the future, combining his use of the fiery rhetoric style of speech with a deep knowledge of the evolution of nations. His nature is perhaps best described as equal measures of utalitarianism and pragmatism, blended with fiscal conservatism and social liberalism. He is however, a rare species in the modern age: a diehard capitalist.

When he's not arguing in favour of bankers, or against politicians, TheMoosra can be found smoking Montecristo Number 2s and drinking Lapghroaig(18y only)in front of his octo-screen computer array, trading UK equities and listening to Dvorak, Tchaikovsky or Kings of Leon.

"The only reason for time is so that everything doesn't happen at once." - Albert Einstein